Thursday, December 12, 2013

News Organizations Protest Journalist Kidnappings In Syria In Letter

Catherine Taibi
December 11, 2013

Thirteen news organizations signed a joint letter on Wednesday to confront the kidnapping crisis occurring in Syria.

The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post and ten other international news outlets addressed the leadership of the armed opposition in Syria on the “disturbing rise in kidnapping of journalists,” the Committee to Protect Journalists announced Wednesday morning. There have been at least 30 journalist kidnappings or disappearances in Syria, many of which have gone unreported, making it “even more difficult for the world to know what is taking place inside Syria,” the news outlets wrote in the letter. It continued:
“As a result of these kidnappings, a growing number of news organizations no longer feel that it is safe for their reporters and photographers to enter Syria, and many have decided to limit their coverage of the war, unwilling to have their staff members subjected to the increasingly common risk of abduction.”
On Tuesday, Spanish newspaper El Mundo announced that two of its journalists had been kidnapped while traveling inside Syria.

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