Monday, December 16, 2013

Non-Lethal Weapons Maker Under Fire For Deadly Results

Dees Illustration
Joe Wright
Activist Post

In May of 2012 I wrote an article that began as follows:
Two new studies reveal that supposedly non-lethal Tasers do in fact put citizens at a greater risk than without their use.

Electrophysiologist, Dr. Douglas Zipes, published an article for the The American Heart Association which covered 8 cases where a 50,000 volt Electronic Control Device (TASER X26) was used and victims lost consciousness. His conclusion is that this non-lethal weapon certainly can induce cardiac arrest.

The idea that literally short-circuiting someone's nervous system could not potentially lead to death is surprising, but now peer-reviewed scientific evidence, as well as lengthy investigation into real-world situations seems to support the many wrongful death claims that have been filed against police departments. It is a fact that the elderly, to the deaf, to 10-year-old girls, have been among those tortured or killed by this Orwellian non-lethal weapon.
Now it is being revealed that secrecy surrounds those wrongful death claims and settlements made with non-lethal weapons company Taser International.