Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Now Why Would Cops Need to Kill a Pet Parakeet?

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

The hundreds of pet dogs that get unnecessarily blasted by police each year, sometimes that many in just one city annually, are no accident. Devastated pet owners wonder why there isn't training in place to deal with "animal encounters"  - as though if only the police understood more they could be equipped to deal with the situation.

Hogwash. One could readily suspect that there is likely training in place ordering cops to kill the animals first - no questions asked. Ever. Then the complaints can be only ostensibly dealt with in the law enforcement version of a customer service ticket.

The tiresome claim is that they "felt threatened." If so, then how can this be a recently burgeoning trend? A trend that is upheld even though exactly zero cops have died by jaws of domesticated pooches.

 So why would a beloved parakeet named Tito need to die under a cop's jackboot?