Monday, December 9, 2013

NYPD’s New Commissioner: Combine Unconstitutional Searches With Good PR

Rory Carroll
The Guardian
December 7, 2013

The NYPD has nearly 35,000 uniformed officers. Credit: PaulSteinJC via Flickr
Credit: PaulSteinJC via Flickr
If Bill Bratton’s record in Los Angeles is any guide, New York will see little dramatic reduction in the police tactic of stop-and-frisk but improved targeting and community relations will soothe resentment.

New York’s newly named police commissioner presided over a surge of stop-and-frisk while running the LA police department but softened the political impact by reaching out to black and Latino community leaders.
Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, who was elected on a promise of curbing the controversial tactic, appears to be calculating his appointee will finesse but not end it. Critics say the policy in its current form unfairly targets young minority men, an accusation which dogged the outgoing mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

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