Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Parents Want Medical Marijuana for Son: “It’s not a political issue. This is a compassion issue.”

Lily Dane
Activist Post

A Nebraska couple is pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana to help their son’s debilitating seizures.

Will Gillen has Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. Every day, the 11-year-old experiences debilitating violent seizures.

Shelley Gillen says the current treatment options for her son’s condition are not ideal:
The medicines that he’s on right now, there are multiple side effects and he is in a constant fog.
Another option for Will is available a few hours away in Colorado. That treatment is a medical marijuana product called cannabidiol oil, or CBD. Colorado parents with children similar to Will have been reporting positive results.

Here’s the problem: under current Nebraska law, the Gillens would be considered child abusers if they gave Will medical marijuana. In Nebraska, all marijuana use is illegal.