Thursday, December 5, 2013

URGENT - Thailand: Regime & Western Backers Claim "Insurrection" - Penalty, Death

December 3, 2013
Tony Cartalucci

Anti-regime protesters, outnumbering police at two locations in Bangkok, Police Head Quarters and Government House, are poised to take over and occupy both locations peacefully as they have other government sites throughout the city. However, the regime has dropped leaflets over the protesters claiming that the anti-regime protests constitute "insurrection" (which carries a maximum penalty of death), that the leaders are to be arrested, and protesters are to return home.

In support of the regime, dishonest reporting by news agencies such as the BBC have titled articles such as, "Thailand rally leader tells protesters to target police," to give the impression that the police themselves are to be targeted and subjected to the same "violence" seen during a clash between students (not protesters) on the other side of the city where a pro-regime rally was being held, and regime gunmen opened fire on students killing at least 4. The actual report however, states:
The leader of Thailand's anti-government movement has announced new targets for his supporters as protests appear set to continue. 
Suthep Thaugsuban called for demonstrators to take over the police headquarters in Bangkok in a defiant speech late on Monday. 
It came after clashes broke out as protesters tried to storm the prime minister's office.
The Thai prime minister has rejected protesters' demands that she step down.
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