Friday, December 13, 2013

US Hawks Want War on Iran

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Stephen Lendman
Activist Post

Neocons infest Washington. Norman Podhoretz is one many loathsome examples. On December 11, he headlined a Wall Street Journal op-ed "Strike Iran Now to Avert Disaster Later."

No respectable editors would touch this trash. Responsible ones would denounce it. Journal editors embrace it. More on this below.

Podhoretz isn't America's only lunatic hawk. Others favor cruise missile diplomacy. In April 2008, a Wall Street Journal editorial headlined "Bush and Iran, Again." It spuriously said Tehran "is contributing to the death of GIs, is arming our enemies in Iraq, and is proceeding to ignore the world by enriching uranium for a nuclear weapon."

"Is the Bush Administration merely going to slink out of office with that legacy," it asked?

"The Iranians aren't likely to stop unless the US starts doing something about it," it claimed.

In 2008, then presidential candidate John McCain advocated bombing Iran. "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran," he sang on his "Straight Talk" tour. He did so to the tune of a popular Beach Boys song.