Thursday, December 12, 2013

USTR Says TPP Must Be Kept Secret, Because The Public Is Too Stupid To Understand It

Mike Masnick
December 12, 2013

While TPP negotiators had hoped to finish off the negotiations in Singapore over the past few days, it appears that did not happen, though they claim to have made substantial progress and will meet again next month.
TPP Leaders (Wikimedia Commons)

From the reports of people there, the negotiators made sure that public interest groups were excluded from even the press briefing about the negotiations, which should tell you all you need to know about what the negotiators think of the public. But, in case you weren’t sure, the USTR, Michael Froman, has finally explained why the TPP negotiating positions must be kept secret. Apparently, all of us in the public, are too fucking stupid to understand the important work that he’s doing, and we might “misunderstand” it. Therefore, we peons must be kept in the dark, while important people like himself negotiate on our behalf. According to Jamie Love:
Froman said if the text was public, people would misunderstand “negotiating positions.”
In other words, the USTR is not a fan of democracy.

If you think the public is too stupid to understand the public policy positions you’re negotiating for, then you shouldn’t be in that job.

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