Thursday, January 9, 2014

11 Facts to Counter the Anti-Anti-Vaccination Movement

By Virstyne Henry

This essay was sparked by a Facebook post I saw floating around Facebook. 

Titled Anti-Vaccination Movement Causes a Deadly year in the U.S. By Brian Krans in Health Line News

 Below the article I saw a comment “I wish people would listen to the facts.”  I thought yeah me too, I wish people would listen to the facts. The irony of that comment was what sparked me to write this article. I clicked on the article and read it along with the links that the author attached. I must admit it gave me a good laugh. Almost as funny as an episode of South Park. I said almost, South Park is still funnier.
If you have an open mind, and would like to read some facts instead of the above mentioned article which is poorly researched, unintelligible and in paper form would be worthy of scraping a dead insect off the bottom of a shoe, then please keep reading.
Fact #1
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