Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Urgent Reasons to Step Up Efforts for Diplomacy With Iran

Greg Hom
War Times

The stakes are immense: Will the U.S. and Iran reach an agreement that can end the threat of a nuclear arms race in the volatile Middle East? Or will the U.S. go down the path toward another Middle East War?

The Obama administration and the new leadership of Iran have successfully negotiated a preliminary agreement concerning Iran's nuclear program. Over the next six months intensive negotiations will take place toward a final settlement. But even as voices across the globe have hailed these steps toward peace, powerful U.S. law-makers are taking steps that would undermine diplomacy, heightening tensions and the likelihood of military conflict.

Here are the top reasons why a grassroots upsurge is needed to support the negotiation process and say no to fear-mongering and war:

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