Monday, January 27, 2014

Bully Nurse Harasses Parents of Unvaccinated Baby at Michigan Hospital

Missy Fluegge

oliver-varicella-vaccinesA nurse at a Michigan urgent care center recently berated parents in front of other patients for not vaccinating their baby, arguably violating a federal law that guarantees patients’ right to privacy. Her unprofessional behavior committed a great disservice to nurses everywhere, her employer, and especially the parents who visited the Detroit Medical Center Surgery Hospital in Madison Heights with their son.

According to the parents, who were seeking medical attention for their eight month-old baby, “Oliver,” the nurse who was stationed at the admitting desk diagnosed their son with chicken pox and announced fabricated details about their son’s medical condition to the other patients who were awaiting care.

While Oliver’s parents were waiting for their turn to visit with a doctor, the nurse pointed at their baby and  announced to other patients in the waiting room, “This child is unvaccinated!” She then directed the other patients to move to an adjacent waiting room.

Her negligence reached a dangerous level when she urged the parents to vaccinate their son, who was ill at the time.

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