Saturday, January 25, 2014

Food Riot Radio Interviews Heather Callaghan - Whole Foods And Sewage Sludge Produce

Brad chats with Heather Callaghan, of the Activist Post and Natural Blaze, about how Whole Foods’ produce has been fertilized with sewage sludge for years, and how the company is now quietly dropping that practice.
“The stuff that’s flushed down sinks, drains and toilets? The water is removed from the resulting sludge, heated and sprayed. Yes, this includes pharmaceutical residues, chemicals, heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, resistant pathogens, PFCs, industrial solvents, flame retardants and other things that heat is insufficient to treat. Guess what else? There is a ton of evidence that these things “bioaccumulate” in the plants and organisms that eat them. It is doubtful that this practice is good for pollinators,” Heather wrote in her article on Activist Post.
Heather and Brad also had a lively and productive debate about whether genetically modified organisms should be labeled.