Monday, January 13, 2014

Guantanamo Prison’s Time is Up – You’re Invited to Commemorate the End

Guantanamo Prison’s time is up – you are invited * to commemorate twelve years of brutality, and encouraged to oppose the inhuman treatment of Gitmo prisoners.

Charlotte Wilson
Activist Post

American Marine Major General Michael Lehnert, who was in charge of the construction and opening of Guantanamo Bay Prison, says he now believes the facility should not have been opened, and that "the entire detention and interrogation strategy was wrong."
Our decision to keep Guantanamo open has helped our enemies because it validates every negative perception of the United States.
The motto of the US Military toward Gitmo is “Safe, Humane, Legal, Transparent.” From February, 2013, the number of hunger-striking prisoners was released daily to the public. That is no longer the case – we are not allowed to know how many are on a hunger strike; some say the current number is in the 80s, while others say 15.