Friday, January 17, 2014

Ohio Delivers 15-Minute Death to Man "Not Entitled to a Pain-Free Execution"

Convicted killer grunts and gasps for air after experimental lethal injection

Jon Queally
(Photo: AP/Ohio Corrections Dept)
During the more than "fifteens minutes it appeared to take him to die," the man Ohio executed on Thursday "made several loud snorting or snoring sounds" and "appeared to gasp" for air before succumbing to a controversial narcotic injection never before tried.

Dennis McGuire, a condemned Ohio killer, was put to death using a lethal injection method never-tried in the U.S. According to the Associated Press, the killing of convicted murderer Dennis McGuire was "one of the longest executions since Ohio resumed capital punishment in 1999" which came after unsuccessful efforts by his lawyers to challenge use of the new drug combination.
As AP reports: "McGuire's lawyers had argued that he was at substantial risk of a medical phenomenon known as air hunger, which would cause him to experience terror as he strains to catch his breath."

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