Thursday, January 9, 2014

Police tase, shoot and kill 90-pound schizophrenic teen

Trymaine Lee
January 7, 2014

What began as a family’s call to police for help in calming a schizophrenic teenager armed with a screwdriver and a mouthful of threats ended with police gunfire and heartache.

The killing of Keith Vidal, 18, of Boling Springs Lakes, NC, over the weekend has spurred a state investigation into the teen’s death and a family’s call for answers as they say police shot Vidal in cold blood.

Family of Vidal said they called police on Sunday afternoon to help subdue the 90-pound teen who was holding a small screwdriver and threatening to fight his mother during a schizophrenic episode. Two officers responded to the family’s home and restrained Vidal. Then, a third officer arrived and soon thereafter reportedly shot Vidal, Mark Wilsey, Vidal’s step-father, told reporters during a press-conference on Monday.

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