Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thailand: Night of Terror as Regime Attempts to Break "Occupy Bangkok"

Regime and supporters disingenuously pledge peace by day, wage war of terror at night, to manipulate public and break growing dissent against illegal/illegitimate government. 

A woman is sent to the hospital
after regime terrorists opened fire
on one of several protest sites last night
Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

Thai PBS reported in its article, "Gunfires, explosions and arson rock several protest sites leaving many injured," that:
Gunshots were fired, small bombs were thrown into the sites where anti-government protesters were gathering last night and before dawn leaving three injured. 
Meanwhile a double-decker bus parked near the protest site was also damaged in what the driver said was an arson attack. The bus carried protesters from the South to join the mass protest in Bangkok. 
The most serious case was reported near Hua Charng bridge or near the Pathumwan intersection where several thousands of protesters were rallying to oust the care taker prime minister. 
Gunshots were fired by unknown number of gunmen into the security guards of the protesters at about midnight forcing passers-by, security guards, and protesters near the bridge to run for cover.