Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Least Popular Congress of All Time is Also the Wealthiest

Meanwhile on Main Street, USA
Dees Illustration
Joe Wright
Activist Post

As a further sign of the massive disconnect that exists between the political leadership (sic) and the citizens of the United States, a study conducted by the Center for Responsive Politics has documented the staggering average wealth of the current U.S. Congress.

Some highlights from the report discussed in the video below, which shows that more than 50% of the U.S. Congress are millionaires, include:
  • Overall median net worth of 530 members: $1,008,767 (increase from last year's $966,000)
  • Senate median net worth: $2,794,024
  • House median net worth: $896,004
  • Darrell Issa at #1, net worth: $454 million
  • Cozy connections, either directly or through family, reveal predictable interest in media, big pharma, tech, and banking, while the top investments provide insight into this "representative" government, as shown in the chart below...