Friday, January 3, 2014

"The People's Voice" Alternative Media Channel Continues Expansion

Activist Post

This past summer renowned alternative researcher and author David Icke started an ambitious project to offer an uncensored media platform funded and supported by the people. The concept, called The People's Voice, immediately resonated and was the recipient of an astonishing level of support through a crowdfunding campaign to launch the non-profit channel.

Since that time, The People's Voice has put that money to good use by building a London-based TV/radio studio from scratch; and their first broadcasts of diverse shows launched in mid-November.

With 15 in-house shows in production and several more outside contributors, this is just the beginning, David Icke promises. However, the cost of producing a 24/7 platform and ensuring its growth is challenging, especially without corporate sponsorship.

While launching The People's Voice was a success as a true counterbalance to the completely corrupt corporate media, ongoing support is needed to keep The People's Voice growing.

David Icke provided Activist Post with brief email interview about his ambitious new platform: