Thursday, January 30, 2014

Walmart Manual Teaches Managers to Spot Disgruntled Employees

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

If Walmart does not hold the title of “Most Evil Retail Corporation” as of yet, it appears to be doing everything within its power to achieve that name. Aside from destroying small businesses across the country as well as the towns that used to house them, operating incredibly atrocious production facilities, engaging in abuse of workers, and providing genuinely poor service and prices, Walmart remains determined to suck up every last dollar that it has immorally taken from the working poor over the last fifty or so years.

Even when Walmart workers themselves have finally been pushed beyond what they are able to stand, the corporation is incapable of providing concessions to even the most reasonable demands.

Thus, as Walmart workers have been forced to take action in the form of strikes and political/consumer pressure, Walmart steadfastly refuses to exhibit anything resembling humanity or even basic fairness.