Monday, February 3, 2014

5 Things You Should Never Say To Vegans

Danielle Orner
February 2, 2014 
I glance at my phone to see yet another text from my friend asking about my diet. This time it's a question about how to juice. Multiple emotions compete for my attention. I'm excited she's interested in being healthier. I'm honored to be her inspiration. I'm mildly annoyed she hasn't checked out the numerous books and blogs I've told her about. After all, I am not a dietitian. I also can't help but remember what a hard time she gave me for three years about being a vegan.

When we finally have a conversation about it, she confesses how hard it is for her to admit to people that she's trying to make the change toward a whole foods, plant-based diet. She confesses the hardest part is not figuring out what healthy snacks to pack, but other people's attitudes.

“People are rude and judgmental,” she tells me. “How do you deal with it?”

I make a special effort to be a “good vegan.” I never expect people to provide an option for me. I cook my own dishes to share at parties or eat beforehand. I never comment on what my friends are eating. I don't tell people about my lifestyle unless asked. I'm aware of vegan etiquette. We're the minority. I don't expect people to change for me. Yet, I do expect them to be considerate. So, here are the top five things we're tired of hearing:

1. “I love bacon. How do you live without it?”

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