Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bush Era Diplomat Says Ukraine Situation a Threat to U.S. National Security

Outspoken neocon says activists shooting cops are “friends of liberty”

Kurt Nimmo
February 19, 2014

Former United Nations ambassador, neocon stalwart, and vociferous cheerleader for the aggressive concept of American exceptionalism, John Bolton, took to Fox News last night to bash Obama and call for a U.S. response to the violence in Ukraine.

“We can see this all over the world,” Bolton told Greta Van Susteren. “American influence is slipping, slipping away in Ukraine, Venezuela, the Middle East and we will pay the price for this for a long time unless people speak up.”

Bolton failed to explain how civil strife in Ukraine and Venezuela adversely affects the national security of the United States. He insisted it is the responsibility of the U.S. to respond when selectively chosen “friends of the United States, in effect, friends of liberty” find themselves on the barricades.

Left unmentioned is the fact, never reported by the establishment media, that the strife in Ukraine is largely the product of U.S. intervention, from the State Department to purportedly independent NGOs, most notably those bankrolled by George Soros.