Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Economic Meltdown or Turnaround?

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Jon David Miller
Activist Post

Groundhog Day

Hope you had a good one. You probably know the Groundhog Day legend:
If the old woodchuck comes out of his home under a cloud cover, he confidently goes about his business getting ready for Spring, and there will be only 6 more weeks of winter. 
If the sun is out, the groundhog gets scared by his own shadow and runs back inside for some more hibernation. Then winter won't be over for about a month and a half.
It's been a completely cloudy day with intermittent light rain then heavier snow where I am, pretty good Groundhog Day weather! Hope you have been as lucky. In any case, winter is half over no matter whether it is sunny or cloudy on this day.

This groundhog tradition is a metaphor for the awareness of looking ahead. There are different ways of thinking of the future that may or may not have any bearing on how it unfolds. Nonetheless it seems wise to consider possibilities, plan and prepare.