Monday, February 17, 2014

Guantanamo – Looking for Closure

Theatrical depiction of tortured prisoners from Guantanamo,  a well as a conversation with an eyewitness of torture in another war zone.

Charlotte Wilson
World View Opinion

January 11, 2014, around the United States and around the world, individuals and groups marked this day to commemorate the ugliness, and the brutality we have all come to recognize as Guantanamo – “Close Guantanamo Now.”

Marking this date, the Veterans for Peace, Chapter 156 of Rogue Valley Oregon, gave a performance of street theater in Vogle Plaza, downtown Medford, Oregon. It was a wintery day – grim, cloudy-dark on that noon day – an appropriate setting for a theme of death, as an introduction to six prisoners who died while imprisoned at Guatanamo Bay Prison, Cuba. These men had not been not convicted of any crime … unless the mere act of waiting has been deemed a crime.