Thursday, February 27, 2014

Russian Volunteers Cordon Off Sevastopol in Ukraine’s Crimea

Acting president of Ukraine says separatists will be punished
February 26, 2014

The Globe and Mail is reporting Russians have established checkpoints dozens of miles outside Sevastopol. The southern Crimean city is home to the Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

“The Globe and Mail saw least a dozen men wearing fatigues – supported by an armored personnel carrier – standing under a Russian flag at a checkpoint erected roughly halfway along the 80-kilometer road from Sevastopol to Simferopol, putting it close to the administrative border that separates the Sevastopol municipality from the rest of Crimea and Ukraine,” writes Mark MacKinnon for the Canadian newspaper. The men, wearing balaclavas, identified themselves as “volunteers.”

On Tuesday it was reported residents of the port city had signed up as volunteers in self-defense and pro-Russian groups. Crimeans are said to fear violence from Ukrainian nationalists in the northern part of the country.