Wednesday, February 5, 2014

UK Cop Caught Framing Citizen Journalist On Camera

Corrupt cop blatantly lies despite being on camera

Mikael Thalen
Story Leak
February 4, 2014

A citizen journalist was assaulted and set up by a UK police officer late last week while covering a fracking protest in Barton Moss, England.

Revealed by a YouTube video, the unknown officer can first be seen assaulting and knocking over the journalist as he attempts to film an arrest by police. Continuing to be shoved away from the scene, the journalist is suddenly accused of drinking, a clear attempt by the officer to intimidate and coerce the man into leaving.

“Are you drunk? Have you been drinking this morning,” the officer begins repeating.

Incredibly, as other police approach the altercation, the officer begins blatantly accusing the journalist of admitting to drinking. Despite the video clearly exonerating the journalist, the officer continues to fabricate claims, next accusing the man of driving drunk.

“He’s come in a car this morning, I smell alcohol on his breath,” the officer boldly claims. “He’s already admitted to having a drink.”

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