Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Divided Ukraine to be Proving Ground Between East and West

Tony Cartalucci
The West's antiquated unipolar world collides with the East's vision of a mulipolar future.  
In Reuters' 2007 article, "Putin says Russia threatened by 'Unipolar World'," Russian President Vladimir Putin stated: 
"Some people are constantly insisting on the necessity to divide up our country and are trying to spread this theory."
Reuters would also quote President Putin as saying: 
"There are those who would like to build a unipolar world, who would themselves like to rule all of humanity." 
While Reuters then attempted to spin the comments as Russian paranoia, in the wake of recent events in Ukraine, the timelessness and accuracy of President Putin's assessment years ago are apparent. 

Setting the Board 

For years the West has been cultivating a proxy political machine inside of Ukraine for the purpose of peeling the nation away from its historical and socioeconomic ties to Russia. The deep relationship between Western corporate-financier interests on Wall Street and in London and the opposition in Ukraine are best summarized in PR Weeks "Analysis: PR gets trodden underfoot as sands shift in Ukraine." In the article, the involvement of some of the most notorious corporate lobbying firms on Earth, including Bell Pottinger and the Podesta Group, are revealed to have been involved in Ukraine's internal affairs since the so-called "Orange Revolution" in 2004 - a coup admittedly orchestrated by the West and in particular the US government