Monday, March 17, 2014

Alan Watt Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk) Inevitable Fate of Sanctioned Hate

March 9, 2014
Alan Watt 
Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)


Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 9, 2014:
Inevitable Fate of Sanctioned Hate:
"Gowned Profs Sitting at the Plate,
Dishing Out to Soldiers Hate,
Hypocrisy, A One-Way Street,
Ensuring Disarmed Target's Defeat,
It's the Age of Conflict in Relations,
Of Authorized Funded Organizations,
Passive Sides Give No Opposition,
Attacked by Destroyers of Tradition,
Vanguard Leaders Howl and Leer,
On Payroll of the High Puppeteer,
Screaming Followers, Avant-Garde, Radical,
Funnelled by College into the Fanatical,
Fools Chant Nouveau Socialist Novenas,

Machiavelli-Created for Utopian Dreamers,
From Fringe of Battle, Emotive, Hectic,
Guided Symbiosis of the Dialectic,
Genderists' Cry of Freedom is Lame,
Demanding You as They Be the Same
New Puritans, All Drab like Ants,
Except Both Genders Wearing Pants,
God Help She of Feminine Beauty,
Tarred and Feathered, Hair Shorn Cruelly,
Self-Righteous Perpetrators of the Deed,
Ignorant of the Shadow Creed
Which Funds Them in this Mystic Dichotomy
Of Also Running, Promoting All Pornography,
Planned Synthesis Signed in Treaties Formal,
Where All Deviancy Declared New Normal,
C.G. Darwin's "Wild Men" Laugh at Pathos,
Toast Triumph of New Order Out of Chaos"
© Alan Watt March 9, 2014

* Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 9, 2014