Monday, March 3, 2014

Central Banker PM Says Ukraine Ready for IMF Auction Block

Expect more separatist and ethnic violence after IMF victimizes Ukraine

Kurt Nimmo
March 3, 2014

Arseniy Yatseniuk, the central bankster PM of post-coup Ukraine, has signaled IMF-inspired fire sales are on schedule.

Yatseniuk: Ukraine will “collaborate” with IMF and the banksters.

On Monday Yats, as the U.S. State Department fondly calls him, said Naftogaz Ukrainy, the national oil and gas company of Ukraine, will be put on the auction block.

Ukrtransgaz, a Naftogaz Ukrainy subsidiary, operates the natural gas pipelines in Ukraine. The pipelines are used to transit Russian natural gas to eighteen European countries, including France and Italy. Naftogaz is the sole importer of Russian natural gas provided by Gazprom, the largest extractor of natural gas and one of the largest companies in the world.