Saturday, March 22, 2014

Did the U.S. Deploy Snipers Against Peaceful Occupy Protesters?

Washington’s Blog
March 21, 2014
Image: Occupy Wall Street (Wiki Commons).

Snipers are commonly used as “false flag” terrorists to disrupt peaceful protests. And see this.

The FBI treated the peaceful protesters at the Occupy protests as terrorists. More here and here.
Was the U.S. government prepared to deploy snipers to disrupt the Occupy protests … “if necessary”?
TruthDig reported last year:

“Did the FBI ignore, or even abet, a plot to assassinate Occupy Houston leaders?” asksinvestigative reporter Dave Lindorff at WhoWhatWhy. “What did the Feds know? Whom did they warn? And what did the Houston Police know?”

A Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Washington, D.C.-based Partnership for Civil Justice Fund yielded an FBI document containing knowledge of a plot by an unnamed group or individual to kill “leaders” of the Houston chapter of the nonviolent Occupy Wall Street movement.
Here’s what the document said, according to WhoWhatWhy:
An identified [DELETED] as of October planned to engage in sniper attacks against protestors (sic) in Houston, Texas if deemed necessary. An identified [DELETED] had received intelligence that indicated the protesters in New York and Seattle planned similar protests in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, Texas. [DELETED] planned to gather intelligence against the leaders of the protest groups and obtain photographs, then formulate a plan to kill the leadership via suppressed sniper rifles. (Note: protests continued throughout the weekend with approximately 6000 persons in NYC. ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests have spread to about half of all states in the US, over a dozen European and Asian cities, including protests in Cleveland (10/6-8/11) at Willard Park which was initially attended by hundreds of protesters.)
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