Monday, March 31, 2014

Protests Rage In Taiwan Over China Trade Deal

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

With the taste of the Libyan tragedy, the Syrian destabilization, and the Ukrainian coup still lingering in the mouths of the citizens of those nations, the unfortunate fruits of those labors are now clearly visible in the enormous death toll, savagery, and austerity that is currently engulfing the victim countries.

Those destabilization campaigns, all initiated with violence from the beginning, yet portrayed as “peaceful democracy-loving protesters” by the Western media, were paraded in front of millions of American television screens night after night for the purpose of propagandizing a frighteningly gullible public at home who themselves have a natural inclination toward supporting the underdog in any given fight (unless that underdog is the overt target of the United States).

Still, while these protests were ever-present on American television screens, there was a stunning lack of air time devoted to the protests taking place in Thailand, a rare example of organic mass mobilization of everyday people disgusted with the incompetence and oppression of their ruling regime.

As is the case in Thailand, there remains a stunning lack of 24-hour coverage of the protests taking place in Taiwan, where a movement of activists, mainly young people, have taken to the streets in protest of a new trade agreement being negotiated between Taiwan and China.