Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Latest Gift: Chris Christie Randomly Slams Unions For Daring To Ask Questions About The Great Job He's Doing

Abby Zimet
Common Dreams

Facing another crowd of angry hecklers and arguers at another Town Hall, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie responded by blasting “public sector unions” - even though the crowd included students, environmentalists, housing advocates, civil rights organizations and community groups - by sneering that “this is what they do...(These are) the people who we, collectively, have been standing up against for the last four years and a half years." After police hauled out the demonstrators, Christie then bullied his way through a lengthy, increasingly testy exchange with a tenacious health care activist in the audience. In tribute to his bravery for  standing up to these bothersome constituents who affronted him by actually seeking answers to their questions, we present an entry in the Washington Post's annual Peeps contest, which invites readers to create marshmallow dioramas of current events. From a political science professor and her daughter, "Time For Some Traffic Problems At Fort Peeps," which features many bunnies stuck at EZ-Peep lanes at the George Washington Bridge because Gov. Peep Christie got out early "working the cones," but he doesn't know anything about it.

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