Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A police officer was mauled by a K-9 attack dog after attempting to take a “selfie” with it

John Vibes 
Cop bitten by K-9 for taking “selfie” after raidMURRAY COUNTY, GEORGIA (INTELLIHUB) —An overzealous police officer was recently shown the power of karma after celebrating the arrest of a nonviolent person.

After a drug raid, an anonymous Murray County police officer attempted to take a “selfie” photo with one of the drug dogs.

The officer sat down beside the dog and put his arm around it when he tried to take the picture.  However, this specific officer was not the dogs trainer or handler, so the dog felt uncomfortable and responded by attacking the officer.

Following the attack, the officer was taken to the hospital where he needed surgery.  He was recently released from the hospital, but is still recovering from injuries.

In an email to WRCB Channel 3, the officer explained that:

“I had my phone in my hand when the dog began rubbing its body against my legs and the legs of another deputy. The dog raised up and put his front feet on the other deputy’s chest and then he did the same to me. While he had his feet on my chest and I was petting him with my left hand, I thought that would make a good photo. It was then that he bit me. There was no ‘pre-planned selfie.’” 

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