Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Britain, France deploy 8 fighter jets to Lithuania and Poland

April 29, 2014

Image: Typhoon Jet (Wiki Commons).
UK and France deployed eight fighter jets to Lithuania and Poland to strengthen NATO air defense over the Baltic regions amid rising tensions in Ukraine, according to officials.

Out of the eight planes, four UK Typhoon jets touched down in Lithuania and another four French Rafale jets landed in Poland’s northeast town of Malbork, UK and French defense ministries stated.

The additional jets in the area are to “provide reassurance to our NATO allies in eastern Europe and the Baltic states,” British Defense Minister Philip Hammond said.

“In the wake of recent events in Ukraine, it is right that NATO takes steps to reaffirm very publicly its commitment to the collective security of its members,” Hammond added.

The Polish city of Malbork has already received 70 French military personnel to support the new planes, according to French military spokesman Colonel Gilles Jaron.

Also on Monday, the US airborne division, which is to take part in NATO exercise ‘Spring Storm’ in May arrived in Estonia. Around 150 personnel arrived in the military transport aircraft to the Amari airbase, according to the country’s defense ministry.

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