Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rand Paul Proposes Bill To Cut Aid To Palestinians

Brandon Turbeville
April 29, 2014
While many may have the idea that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is “weak” in his support for the settler state of Israel, news emerging from Capitol Hill should put to rest any doubts as to where Paul’s true allegiances lie.
This is because Rand Paul has announced that he plans to introduce a new bill that will suspend U.S. aid to the Palestinians unless the Palestinian authorities publicly recognize Israel’s right to exist and declare a ceasefire with Israel.
Paul’s bill, if passed, would allow the Palestinian leaders five weeks to publicly declare Israel’s right to exist as well as initiate and declare the ceasefire. Failure of the Palestinian authorities to comply would result in the suspension of the annual $400 million in aid provided to the Palestinians by the United States.
The bill is largely seen as a reaction to the recent reconciliation between Fatah, which is led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas, the largely Islamist organization that governs the Gaza Strip.

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