Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Russia Orders Urgent Dispatch of Military Medical Teams to Ukraine Border

Another sign that Moscow is preparing for war

Paul Joseph Watson
April 30, 2014

Image: Russian Forces (YouTube).
The Russian Ministry of Defense has ordered brigades of military medical teams to be urgently dispatched to the Ukrainian border, another sign that Moscow is preparing for war after tens of thousands of troops were sent to the border region for drills.

According to a translated report by St. Petersburg’s Rustlegraph news agency;
By order of the Ministry of Defense in the Military Medical Academy in Kirov on the morning of April 25 were quickly formed military medical brigades. In team included military doctors of the number of officers and senior cadets WMA.
They announced that there is work in the Ukraine.
As confirmed by the “Telegraph” workers of the Academy, on the eve of April 24, at about 22:00 of the Ministry of Defense was ordered urgent formation of medical teams to send them to Ukraine.
As Mac Slavo notes, the dispatch of the medical workers suggests that the earlier movement of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers to the same region was not merely intended as a show of force.