Friday, April 4, 2014

The Marvelous 6 - Satire!

Chris Veritas
Some Cry Wolf
April 4, 2014

CNN "News"

Following the announcement of Darth Vader's candidacy for leader of the Ukraine, a series of super heroes and other fictional characters have emerged to campaign all over the world, blurring the line between reality and politics.

Political commentators shrugged their shoulders, saying, "This makes perfect sense. We're only surprised this hasn't happened sooner."

Here is a brief round up of  the candidates. The media is calling them "The Marvelous 6."

In Germany, Superman has swooped in to public view via the Ubermensch Party.
Wonder Woman is campaigning on the Isle of Lesbos, sponsored by Virgin Mobile.
Batman is flying high in Transylvania, with biting ads.
Kermit the Frog is licking the competition in France, by means of the newly formed Green Party;
while Miss Piggy is seeking the nomination in Saudi Arabia, just in time for Ramadan. (We are not actually sure when that is. And we don't like fact checking).
And Iron Man is polling well in Pittsburgh, for the aptly named "Steely Irony Party".

We think this makes for great spectacle, and is not at all strange or alarming.

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