Thursday, May 22, 2014

After Obama/UN “Liberation,” Libya Collapsing Into Civil War

Alex Newman
New American
May 22, 2014

After the Obama administration “switched sides” in the terror war and lawlessly heeded the United Nations’ demand for an international war against former U.S. ally Moammar Gadhafi, Libya was supposed to be “liberated.” Instead, the nation began to collapse as various tribes, factions, and al-Qaeda-linked Islamist militias backed by Obama, NATO, and the UN battled each other in competing bids to rule over the ruins. The U.S. ambassador and several other Americans were ultimately killed in Benghazi amid the aftermath, too.

Now, the supposedly “liberated” country is on the verge of yet another civil war — just as this magazine and other non-establishment voices predicted years ago. In recent weeks, gun battles between various factions have been intensifying, prompting the Obama administration to increase the presence of U.S. forces in the region in case the chaos spirals out of control and Americans need to be evacuated. That appears to be a very likely scenario as the new regime, widely viewed as illegitimate, struggles to maintain even the semblance of a grip on power in the face of another growing rebellion.

The most dramatic recent turn of events involved the self-styled “Libyan National Army” invading Parliament this week. On Monday, a commander in the military police loyal to the uprising announced that the embattled legislative body was being “suspended.” A new 60-member “constituent assembly” is supposed to take its place, according to uprising leaders. “We announce to the world that the country can’t be a breeding ground or an incubator for terrorism,” Gen. Mokhtar Farnana announced on television on behalf of the rebel leaders.

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