Thursday, May 29, 2014

China Threatens Further Action Against U.S. Over Hacking Dispute

May 29, 2014

China said it will take further action against the U.S. for prosecuting five of its military officers for alleged hacking, saying it has evidence its companies have also been hacked.

Online attacks from a “specific country” have targeted Chinese companies, its military and important websites, Ministry of National Defense spokesman Geng Yansheng said. Geng didn’t specify the country in remarks posted on the ministry’s website today in response to a question about the indictment.

China will take further action depending on what happens with the U.S. prosecution of the five, who are accused of stealing commercial secrets, he said. The U.S. has still not given a clear explanation of its own cyber spying on foreign companies and governments revealed by former government contractor Edward Snowden, Geng said.

Geng’s remarks come after China’s government was said to be reviewing its reliance on servers fromInternational Business Machines Corp. (IBM), in an early sign of specific retaliation. Relations between the two countries are tense over a number of issues, including China’s pressing of territorial claims against U.S. allies in the region.

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