Friday, May 2, 2014

Questions Surround Latest Syria School Bombing

Brandon Turbeville
ImageBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 2, 2014

Americans, by now, should not be shocked at the level of depravity to which Western governments and their media mouthpieces will sink in order to demonize the government of a target nation. While the historical parallels are plentiful, recent events should serve as enough of a reminder that reports circulating from Western media outlets should never be trusted when concerning the situation on the ground inside a country that is slated for NATO intervention. Indeed, Syria has been witness to this fact time and time again.

Thus, as reports begin to circulate regarding the alleged Syrian military airstrike against a school in Aleppo, it is important to remember the history of the Anglo-European propaganda machine in regards to so many other “masscares” and “crimes against humanity” that have later turned out to be either completely fabricated or twisted in such a way as to represent a narrative that is 180 degrees different from the truth.

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