Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Syrian Conflict: The Battle for Homs

Tony Cartalucci
May 7, 2014
Syrian forces have edged closer to restoring order across the pivotal Syrian city of Homs in recent weeks, in tandem with other major gains being made across the rest of Syria. Encircled and depleted terrorist forces appear demoralized and have even begun turning on one another as attempts by their foreign sponsors to regain the initiative have failed utterly in both diplomatic and strategic terms.
Image: Syrian troops have begun retaking the pivotal city of Homs, with the last remnants of NATO's terrorist proxies encircled and all but defeated. The defeat of NATO's proxy war in Homs signifies greater defeat both within Syria and regionally
The Fate of Homs is the Fate of Syria 
The western city of Homs - Syria's third largest city, located near the northern Lebanese-Syrian border - has served as one of several major battlegrounds between foreign-backed terrorists and Syrian security forces over the past 3 years. Militants were armed and arrayed against Syria using Lebanese territory under the auspices of the Hariri-Siniora political faction beginning as early as 2007, years before the so-called "Arab Spring" unfolded.
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh stated in his thorough 2007 report titled, "The Redirection," that (emphasis added):
The United States has also given clandestine support to the Siniora government, according to the former senior intelligence official and the U.S. government consultant. “We are in a program to enhance the Sunni capability to resist Shiite influence, and we’re spreading the money around as much as we can,” the former senior intelligence official said.
The report would also state (emphasis added):

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