Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Two-Party Absorption: The Death Knell Of Independent Political Activism

Brandon Turbeville
May 14, 2014
For decades, those few Americans who have dedicated their precious time and energy to working toward a better future for themselves and their children – regardless of the issue of their focus – have seen all their hard work come to naught as their organizations, labor, and intellectual commitments become absorbed by one or both of the two Wall Street parties. This absorption, if the issue is genuine, almost never leads to the adoption of the original idea or the implementation of the activists’ demands but rather a total watering down of the message, complete with partisan bickering and division until those players who initiated the discussion to begin with are lost in the Democrat-Republican disputes.

Yet this is not merely an attempt by the two Corporate sub-parties at harnessing the energy of grassroots activists into their own political machines. It is a coordinated attempt at derailing those campaigns entirely and shaping the very will of the people that, given half a chance, would have sided with the groups on the ground. Instead, the average person is left with nothing more than the will of the one party system presented to them in saccharine form and catered to their own inbred political pedigrees.

The fact is that, anytime an issue of concern to the American people or the cause of a true grass roots movement is taken up by one of the major parties, the death knell of that cause has been sounded.
By now, many should be able to accept the fact that the two major parties are bought and paid for by Wall Street and major corporations in addition to its being a tightly controlled cover operation for the ensconced state apparatus.

While this two party system serves a variety of functions from the standpoint of the national and world oligarchy, one of its important aspects is the ability to co-opt and redirect legitimate political activity emerging at the grassroots level and use the  energy and  momentum of that activity toward the goal of the oligarchy even as it appears to be doing just the opposite.