Friday, May 2, 2014

Troops on the Ground: U.S. and NATO Plan PSYOPS Teams in Ukraine

Effort reminiscent of CIA’s Radio Free Europe during Cold War

Kurt Nimmo
May 2, 2014
Military PSYOPS in Europe: 1) German Combat Camera Team CCT - Combat Camera is a PSYOPS Center controlled function in Bundeswehr. 2) German and Belgian Tactical Psyops Team patch. 3) German OPINFO Team Kunduz - PSYOPS Team 4) NATO ISAF patch 5) Non Kinetic Working Group Advisory Team - 109th AFGHAN Corps. Non Kinetic Warfare - an interesting term comprising CIMIC, INFO OPS AND PSYOPS  6) Regional Command Public Affairs Office 7) Tactical PSYOPS Team Task Force Northern Lights TPT 6C23 8) NATO INFO OPS ISAF 9) ISAF INFO OPS 10) German IEB - Intercultural Ops Advisor - part of the German OPINFO Center. Image:

The United States is working closely with members of the NATO club in Eastern Europe to help the junta in Ukraine better manage its propaganda effort, U.S. News & World Report said on Thursday.

“We are starting some projects together with others, understanding the time factor is of the essence,” Janis Sarts, the state secretary of defense in Latvia, told the news magazine. 

Asked if the plan includes sending troops and trainers to Ukraine, Sarts said, “Yes. I think that would help.” He added the United States is currently involved in discussions.

The Pentagon, however, refused to comment on any possible mission “that would help Ukrainians to deal with the propaganda that is going on,” as Sarts characterized Russian reportage on the political and military crisis.

NATO, however, is more forthcoming, although it prefers to speak in generalities. “NATO Allies are actively considering ways to further strengthen our long-standing cooperation with Ukraine, including in the area of public diplomacy,” a NATO official said. “Allies are also providing assistance to Ukraine on a bilateral basis.”