Thursday, June 26, 2014

Before You Call Animal Control...

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

There once was a boy on the beach shore, where there were thousands upon thousands of shriveling Sea Stars - life ebbing from them with the tide's ebb. They would always be there washed up and dying in the sun. Every day, they'd line the shore so that you could barely see the sand beneath. He'd pick one up - and chuck it back into the sea. He'd pick up another - and chuck it back in the sea.

Finally, someone walked up to speak some sense into him - to speak of the futility of it all. "This is insane, there are millions of Sea Stars here, you'll never save them. What you are doing here - it doesn't matter..." The boy picked another up - and chucked it back into the sea. "It mattered to that one," he said.

That story is popular among church pastors - maybe they all heard it in seminary. But one version I've never heard is how the boy called animal control to drive over them with a land rover, scoop them up and incinerate them.

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