Monday, June 9, 2014

Ben Sasse: The Insider Deniersource

Brandon Turbeville

June 9, 2014
There is a new Republican rock star arising from the fields of Nebraska and his name is Ben Sasse. Unsurprisingly, however, this rising Republican star comes more from the halls of Ivy League universities and government than any corn field remotely near the state of Nebraska.
Currently, Sasse is the Republican candidate seeking to gain the US Senate seat that was vacated by former Republican incumbent Mike Johanns. His opponents are Democrat David Domina and Tax Wall Street Party candidate Dan Buhrdorf
Considering the massive amounts of money and support from establishment Republicans and Neo-Con/Reactionary organizations, it is quite likely that Sasse will be able to pull out an easy victory in Nebraska, especially since money almost always equals success in American politics.
However, there is much more to Ben Sasse than meets the eye, especially in terms of how he is portrayed by the mainstream media. Indeed, both his private as well as his government jobs should raise the eyebrows of any potential supporter.
For instance, in the private sector, Sasse was formerly employed by McKinsey and Company, a global management consulting firm that once employed Chelsea Clinton. The firm serves as an adviser to both governments and private businesses and has produced more CEOs than any other company