Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Watch as Investigators Protect Police Chief Lying on Film

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Greg Luce ticked off Campbell, Iowa cops by circumventing strict regulations on 1st Amendment rights during a demonstration - by wearing a T-shirt. In response to a ticket for it, Luce filed a federal lawsuit. Luce then suddenly found that his name and email had been registered on pornography sites, dating sites, and healthcare.gov.

An investigation found that the offending IP address registering his name came from the town of Campbell, but not from Luce - from the home of police chief Tim Kelemen. During this recording of the investigation, Kelemen boldly lies about it. The investigator reveals the truth, but then proceeds to protect the dishonest police chief by laughing at his derogatory comments, and saying things like "it sounds like this frickin' guy deserves it" and "it sounds like he's an a-hole."

'Protect your own' appears to be an understatement.