Thursday, June 5, 2014

Water Shutoffs In Detroit

United Front Against Austerity
Progressive Gazette
June 5, 2014
More on Detroit water shut-offs – the city is paying $5.6 million to a private contractor to turn off water for an estimated 70,000 residences.

With all due respect to Cecily McMillan, why is she the new hero of the left for elbowing a cop in the eye while hundreds of thousands of black residents of Detroit are fighting for their lives?

It's time for the "left" such as it is to ditch the utopian clowns of Occupy and the professional pessimists and porn-mongers of left-wing media, and to support, join and form serious grassroots political movements based on concrete economic demands. 

We can and must create jobs! 

UFAA has the program – we need the people!

Charity Hicks' arrest for protesting her water shut-off is pretty harrowing stuff:

"Hicks discovered when she got to Mound Road that everyone arrested in the city, whether for misdemeanors or felonies, is being taken there and booked by the Michigan Department of Corrections, which guards them and takes their fingerprints and photos, then keeps them in state custody. She said she was told she would be there for four days."

She said she was disrobed and strip-searched.

“They threw me in a cell with hundreds of women,” Hicks recounted. “There was one urinal and no water to drink or wash with, and there was human waste including menstrual blood all over the floor. No water, no nothing. We had to use the urinal with no regard to our health and safety, where we could get HIV, hepatitis and other diseases. Even the Border Patrol brought a woman in because they are stopping people there who have warrants.”