Monday, September 7, 2015

An Open Letter To Martin O'Malley

Image result for bruce marshall obama postmodern coupBruce Marshall
Progressive Gazette
September 6, 2015

Dear Governor O'Malley,

Humanitarians sentiments are commendable, but why not address the root of the problem? The Obama/Clinton collaboration with and support of terrorists as concerns the deliberate actions to destroy Syria.

We are in world war III and if you do not do something of world historical merit, then you are not fit to be President of the United States of America, because we need someone to uphold their Oath now. And I am speaking to you right now too Senator Sanders, so finally listen up and stop being a putz. For both of you and all others, like Jill Stein listen up! It was a missile that hit the Pentagon. See the video! So what are you going to do about Obama and his General Allen creating a safe haven with Turkey for ISIS?

Either you stop this war, caused by the U.S. supporting the Saudi ISIS, play to face the brutal reality of terrorism, dancing art students and all, or watch the beaches awash with more blood for your unwillingness to act as a leader now. Or, if you can get over your egos, to come out together against such evil. 
But when a certain Senator comes out to continue the precedent of illegal wars started by George W. Bush, whose Misprision of Treason in the least concerning the cover-up the crimes, treason, and or war against the United States, the true terrorist networks, which Obama and Clinton provided aid to in Libya, and funnel arms in what is really a War against Russia and China, well then the war mongers win. Will you join them by your silence?

As a contributing author to the book Obama: The Postmodern Coup, I am part of those networks who understood the danger presented by Brzezinski protege Obama bring the world to war against Russia and China as being played out in Syria and the Ukraine.We were right, that Obama would be the face lift for imperialism, which thus far no one running for President is willing to challenge.

Now in what is the 8th Anniversary of the Kennebunkport Warning, the principle of our message, against Cheney's drive to a nuclear attack against Iran, was properly carried by true heroes in our military who prevented the 'Rogue B-52' a nearly hijacked nuclear tipped cruise missiles, by not following illegal orders. Do you have the muster those true patriots under Oath who stopped that attack?

So do you want to actually stop the war or inherit hell? 
As Presidential candidates you have a chance to actually act now, which means nothing less than to challenge the illegitimate war of Obama and his ISIS Czar General Allen, creating a safe haven for the ISIS terrorists, and creating the present refugee crisis that is totally uncalled for. Stop the war against Syria, stop supporting the Nazi thugs in the Ukraine, or continue to run what are in essence showcase campaigns of immoral impotence in the face of this evil that has taken over the nation, since the cover-up of the truth of 9/11. Senator Sanders, Misprision of Treason is what we call this cover-up that you hide behind. You have protected warmongers. 
From Bush to Obama - this is your war and your cover up until you have the guts to stop it. Or, you can be a total hypocrite and "weak" failure. 

The same goes for you Gov. O'Malley. Your only excuse is you are not in office. Buis is the moral qualification for that office- Whether you can challenge the warmongers or go along with media consensus that allows babies to drown because of Obama's war and Sanders' silence.

Bruce Marshall
Rochester, Vermont