Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Don’t Even Try to Exploit Progressive Thought: Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation

Csa-venn.jpgSarah Taylor
Fish Wrapper
September 23, 2015

Despite what the internet might tell you, self-admitted pedophile Todd Nickerson is not a hero, and is not a man to admire.

Nickerson wrote a lengthy op-ed on, where he “came out” as a pedophile … but claims that because he’s never inappropriately touched a child or used child pornography, it’s much, much worse for him than it is for you. Or, you know, your children.

He also has the sickening gall to claim that pedophilia is a “sexual orientation” … which would indicate that he considers being an adult who’s attracted to children a normal thing, as sexual urges toward any other adult, gender notwithstanding, is acceptable. But it’s not.

He continues trying to rationalize his disorder, using childlike words and playing the sympathy card, saying he lost a hand when he was young and struggled with bladder problems growing up, which he said took a debilitating toll on his self-esteem. He even reveals that he, himself, was molested by an adult at a young age.

Nickerson claims that the farthest he’s gone is to join a pedophile forum on the internet … but unapologetically claims that it’s all innocent, and no illegal activities ensue as a result — or in spite — of the forum. He says that it’s been an abhorrent struggle, all these years of wanting to have sex with children, and sometimes doesn’t even see the benefit of “staying legal.”

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