Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gabriel Batarseh - Don’t let Israel dictate our Middle East policy

Gabriel Batarseh
Letter to the Editor
April 7, 2015

Dear Editor

Following the pattern set by all our news media, Thomas Sheehy in his citizen's column (“Are nuclear mushroom clouds looming?” April 1) fails to mention Israel's clandestine nuclear arsenal and its unwillingness to sign the international nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Iran may or may not be a threat to us, but some of our so-called allies are. Turkey has allowed hundreds of IS fighters to enter Syria through it borders. Saudi Arabia harbors many supporters of al Qaeda and many who have funneled funds to support the extremist members of the Islamic State terrorists.

We should not allow Israel to dictate our policy in the Middle East. Israel's continuing occupation of Palestinian homes and land, as well as its refusal to restore a viable state to the Palestinians, has hurt our status in the Middle East.

Any chance of nuclear material falling into terrorist hands is likely to come from Pakistan, not Iran. Iran can be an ally in the fight to control IS terrorists.