Thursday, September 3, 2015

Voters Should Recall That the US Presidency Means Control of the Thermonuclear Button; Top German Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, and Condoleezza Wanted to Nuke Afghanistan after 9/11; Trump’s Ex-wife Saw Collection of Hitler Speeches at The Donald’s Bedside; GOP Field, Hillary, Bernie All Abysmal; #FireAllen4ISIS !

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September 3, 2015

Ever since the beginning of the era of nuclear deterrence, the US presidency has acquired a new power which exceeds all existing enumerated, implied, or inherent powers which previously existed. This overwhelming power is located in the presidential control of thermonuclear weapons, a power for which allows the president to exercise a de facto life or death decision over hundreds of millions of Americans. As we witness the absurd low comedy of the Republican presidential debates, and the stylized kabuki theater of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side, we should recall that these figures are attempting to acquire life-and-death power over all of us. Has any of them shown even a glimmer of qualification to wield this awesome power? We think not.

Bush-Cheney Wanted to Nuke Afghanistan After 9/11


In recent days, some historical insights have reminded us once again how dramatic this issue can become. One such historical revelation involves the active consideration of using nuclear weapons against Afghanistan by the Bush-Cheney administration in the days immediately after 9/11. The public had already learned that Cheney made a serious bid for the unilateral bombing of Syria in the summer of 2007, but was rebuffed in the secret counsels of the Bush administration. At that time, the network of warmongers for whom Cheney was a spokesman then appear to have fallen back on illegal secret government methods, specifically the rogue B-52 of late August and early September, 2007. Less than a year later, Cheney once again demanded actions tending towards general war, in this case involving US bombing of the southern end of the tunnel which was the main transportation route between Georgia and nearby parts of the Russian Federation. This was also rejected in the secret counsels of Bush 43. So this makes three separate occasions when the Bush 43 regime came close to pitching the United States into catastrophic war, without publicity and without any constitutional legal process.

Our new insights into this come from Michael Steiner, who during the time after 9/11 served as a top adviser to German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. Steiner recently gave an interview to the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel in which he exposed the shocking fact that the US came close to first use nuclear aggression in 2001-2002. Steiner told Spiegel:

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